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MEPS manufactures a wide variety of underhood and PTO-mounted belt-driven power systems.

Whether you are replacing your failure-prone 3,000 Watt inverter/battery system with our 3kW MobilePower System (only available for fleet orders of 25+), or replacing your high-maintenance 7.5kW Onan with our 6.3kW RoadPower System, we have a better power solution for you.  Our PTO systems are currently available up to 15kW, a common configuration for wireline logging trucks.

Our pure sine wave systems are factory-set to either 120V or 230V and are crystal-controlled at either 50Hz or 60Hz, providing clean power to run your electronics.  With a 0.1 lagging power factor, our systems will also start and run your rooftop A/C or compressor motor without dumping your computers (see power curves and specifications).

MEPS systems are sold as systems.  Our belt-driven generators and electronics (ACU) are designed to work together for both efficiency and protection of the components.

View our most common configurations below, or visit our Markets page to see the most popular design for your specific industry.


MobilePower System

RoadPower System

ReeferPower System


PTO Systems

Rackmounted Electronics




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