Generators and ACUs

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The electricity produced by our systems is pure sine wave AC power. Our frequency is crystal-controlled, so no matter what RPM your engine is turning, the frequency will be either 60Hz or 50Hz as set at the factory. Our generators have a rugged and dependable design. The housings are powder coated for weather resistance and longevity with steel inserts pressed into the housing for added strength. The front and rear housings are also reinforced with engineered slots for maximum airflow. The center ring has cooling slots that introduce cool air midway into the generator. The bearings are constructed with high-temperature grease and seals. The stator and rotor are hand wound for precision and are exclusive to MEPS. Our generators receive thorough testing and quality checks to ensure proper operation and customer satisfaction.

RoadPower™38 lbs.directional deep-finned aluminum cast
SeaPower™38 lbs.directional deep-finned aluminum cast
MobilePower™32 lbs.stamped bi-directional deep finned

Our ACUs are constructed of durable, heat-resistant aluminum. Each unit is powder coated to ensure reliability and longevity. The MEPS' ACU will produce a full load at 120-degree ambient temperature, and is mounted inside. Therefore, it will not derate with outside temperature, altitude, or the presence of harmonics in the load.

Model/Series EnclosureWeightHeightWidthDepth
3kW and 4.5kW ACU13.4 lbs.5.00"10"14.6"
5kW,5.1kW,6kW and 6.3Kw ACU19 lbs.7.3"10"14.6"
7.5kW and 8kW19 lbs.8.1"10"18.2"
10kW, 10.2kW, 12kW, 12.5kW,15kW and 15.1kW36 lbs.7.25"17"15.9"

Designed for markets requiring a rack mount ACU

  • Panel switch powers the system with 12V/24V
  • Analog voltage meter
  • Bar graph power indicator

Only requires 3 RU (5.25”) of rack space.

24 lbs.(face of unit) 5-1/4"
(body of unit) 4-7/8"
(face of unit) 19"
(body of unit) 17
(body of unit) 17”