Recreational Vehicles

Advantages of the Standard MEPS Power Systems for RVers
• Delivers 50 plus Amps of 120V AC power to simultaneously power your air-conditioning, refrigerator, microwave and electronics
• Power in both stationary and on-the-go situations
• Belt-driven and mounted under-hood or by PTO
• Eliminates the noisy, polluting and fuel hog stand-alone generator
• No need to maintain the second engine of a generator
Advantages of the RV TruFreedom™ Option Package for the Off-Grid Camper
• All the advantages of the Standard MEPS Power System
• Engine On: Our system will meet all your power needs and any excess power will be used to rapidly recharge your batteries
• Vehicle can be used independent of the trailer to run errands, and in your absence, your trailer’s power needs will still be met.
• Auto start/stop to ensure continuous power, so you can sleep all night with all the creature comforts you desire.