Troubleshooting Guide

SymptomProbable CausePossible RemedyDownloads
The remote panel does not light upThe 12V keyed ignition is not workingReplace the in-line ignition fuses(further information)
The low speed and power fault lights are flashingThe ACU is not recognizing the Generator
The system is working, but takes more of the bar graph and sometimes goes into a power faultPhase is open
The generator emits a high pitch squealing noiseBearings issueReplace the bearings
There is roughness in the generator’s rotationThe generator is need of service

ACU Replacement Fuses

120VAC systems230VAC system
In-line 12 VDC or 24VCD=3 ABC fast blow fuseIn-line 12 VDC or 240 VDC=3 ABC fast blow fuse
Field circuit (ACU fuse holder)=4 ABC fast blowField circuit (ACU fuse holder)=3 ABC fast blow fuse